The Glorious Yunoist federation of Pulau Itu

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The Glorious Yunoist federation of Pulau Itu

Post by Al Mysterio on Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:40 pm

Soldiers: 12'475'008
Tanks: 94'042
Bombers: 35'266
Fighters: 35'266
Battleships: 29
Equipment Rank: 831.7582
Home Rank: 319.0874
Vehicle Rank: 79.09326

The Federation of Pulau Itu is a huge, socially progressive nation, notable for its barren, inhospitable landscape, rampant corporate plagiarism, and frequent executions. The hard-nosed, hard-working population of 306 million Pulau Ituans are either ruled by a sleek, efficient government or a conglomerate of multinational corporations; it's difficult to tell which.

The tiny, pro-business government prioritizes Defense, with Healthcare, Education, and Social Policy also on the agenda, while Law & Order and Spirituality receive no funds. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Bandar Senjata. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 6.9%.

The powerhouse Pulau Ituan economy, worth 27.0 trillion Chromosomes a year, is broadly diversified and led by the Arms Manufacturing industry, with major contributions from Woodchip Exports, Pizza Delivery, and Retail. Average income is 88,349 Chromosomes, but there is a significant disparity between incomes, with the richest 10% of citizens earning 277,490 per year while the poor average 21,537, a ratio of 12.9 to 1.

Seafood restaurants assure customers 'If it lives in the sea, it's on our menu', elected officials often serve for decades in a single term, East Lebatuck tests its moon rovers in the barren wasteland of rural Pulau Itu, and the nation's youth is held blameless for all crimes. Crime, especially youth-related, is all-pervasive, perhaps because of the country's complete lack of prisons. Pulau Itu's national animal is the Yandere, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation.

Pulau Itu is 1192nd (0.7%) in the world for Weaponisation, with 44.86 deadly weapons per person.

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Re: The Glorious Yunoist federation of Pulau Itu

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 26, 2016 11:38 am

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